Posted on 27 Sep 2019

Géno Project : Who is Géno ?

Illustration article Projet Géno : Qui est Géno ?

Géno is a brave gene that has been thriving since 1997 in the Caribbean Myology Association! This association allows the development of relationships in the field of neuromuscular diseases. For some time, it’s difficult for Geno to grow and evolve through its natural environment for lack of resources! Géno needs us to join forces because we can all be Géno one day!

Géno would have liked to sensitize even more people on the neuromuscular diseases and to improve the daily life of the Geno’s Family which comes sometimes from all the Caribbean to visit it!

Patients and families with orphan diseases undergo an obstacle course that begins with a diagnostic wandering followed by difficulties for a quality assessment of the attacks and trial and error in the therapeutic management.

The goals

Géno wishes:

  • To promote knowledge of our Caribbean territories and pathologies to better apprehend them.
  • To improve the layout and equipment of the service.
  • That the doctor be trained before informing a difficult announcement.

Contact: Dr. Rémi Bellance C H U MARTINIQUE