Nicolas MAGIE

France - 1* starred Chef of the Restaurant « Le St-James » in Bordeaux

After his great grandmother, his grandmother and his father, Nicolas Magie is a 4th generation chef. For this Biarrot (inevitably) rugby fan, he has one goal: to provide emotion above all!

From Bordeaux to Paris, he has a career strongly marked by his attachment to the Aquitaine terroir. In 1999, he opened the restaurant La Cape, in a small house. This gastronomic restaurant, a little out of the ordinary, became a renowned address: in 2004, Nicolas Magie obtained a Michelin star. 13 years later, he left his Michelin starred restaurant to join the Saint-James.

The duality tradition and modernity that characterizes the architecture of the hotel finds an echo in the starry kitchen of Nicolas Magie who imagines dishes made of original and unexpected alliances. He particularly enjoys working on the bitterness and acidity of dishes, textures and temperatures.

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